Erasmus trip to Poland

Sally and Vanessa travelled to Poland in September to continue with the European Erasmus programme to strengthen partnerships with parents. Training that had been delivered by the Croatian teachers and professionals back in July at Canterbury University, was built upon during the five day trip to Warsaw, Gdansk and Poznan.

The purpose of the project, to fully train teachers on all aspects of parental partnership, diversity and inclusion; included visits to kindergartens in all three cities and allowed time to visit museums and learn about the culture and history of the country and its people. The training has been delivered and will be taken forward and disseminated to the teachers at High House Nursery, as well as students studying at Anglia Ruskin University, during the Autumn term, 2016. The project is strengthened and evaluated during further trips planned in the next two years to Norway, Greece and Croatia.

During the trip to Poland, each city, with such beautiful architecture, glazed in warm sunshine, was a delight to see. The food was superb and Vanessa and Sally have come back to England, brimming with new ideas to develop the menu for the children at High House Nursery. A healthy eating policy will be enhanced, with a move towards starter and main course meals and a move away from sugar laden puddings and desserts. We believe children begin to see puddings as part of their routine, which will ultimately lead to unhealthy options as they get older. If this cycle can be broken earlier, children have the chance to lead much healthier lives.