As part of the Reggio Emilia approach, the teachers follow the interests of the children. The toddlers in the Barn became very interested in the fire fighter uniform we play with in the role play area, and a project ignited! Rather than go down the typical “People Who Help Us” route, that one would expect to follow; the Barn have taken the strand that was of particular interest to the children and found out as much about it as possible.

To enhance the project, the Barn children welcomed Stansted fire fighters and their wonderfully large and noisy fire engine. The children and staff were able to try on items of uniform, climb aboard and listen to the real sound of a siren. The toddlers delighted in making as much noise as possible! The project has really¬†captured the children’s imagination¬†with a bonfire in the Forest Garden, a study of candles and role-play and puppet shows to teach the children how to call the emergency services. This project comes at a perfect time, with Bonfire Night around the corner. We are looking forward to sharing the experiences of the children and making some fabulous pieces of artwork to fully develop the children’s creativity.